The Lodge of Four Seasons

logo designs for two luxury golf clubs

Literally Me

a website to promote Julie Houts' fun and funny illustrated book, Literally Me.

this is publishing

a logo design for a social media campaign at Simon & Schuster

Atria books @ FRankfurt

a guide to the employees of Atria Publishing group, an imprint at Simon & Schuster, for Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

Whiskey in a teacup

a website to promote Reese Witherspoon's debut book, Whiskey in a Teacup. The site includes a book tour page as well as a sweepstakes page, which received more than 95k entries.

Stephen King

two full-page New York Times ads for various Stephen King titles


final logo and the first of five (so far) annual mailers for a diversity-emphasizing marketing campaign

esquire deposition solutions

mailer pieces sent to prospective clients in cocktail-themed gift baskets

cover animations

simple, looping cover animation gifs that are used across social media

simon & Schuster: Presents

was an exclusive event in the publishing world, featuring several bestselling and award-winning authors, hosted the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City

BookExpo and BookCon

My designs for this year's BookExpo and Bookcon include multiple large-scale hanging banners (The Library Book, Whiskey in a Teacup), interior booth panels for the Simon & Schuster booth, and a 75-foot-long exterior booth panel, shown above. This panel stretched through a main corridor of the Javits Center with heavy foot traffic, so my goal in designing it was to feature some of S&S's most popular authors, each with a quote highlighting their relationship to writing, books, etc. The bright colors and inspiring quotes made this the perfect wall for attendees to use as a backdrop for selfies and to drive traffic into the Simon & Schuster booth.